Summer vacation in Carpathian Mountains in the Dragobrat resort

Activities and entertainment during the summer season in the Dragobrat resort are very various. For example you may go sightseeing all over historical places of this land, or just see fabulous mountain caves. There are also so called green (or rural) tourism, trekking, cycling, and horseback riding. There are also available waterfalls, lakes and streams, where you can refresh your energy after an exhaustive walk. Moreover, you can go boating or use quadricycles for your consideration to have a good ride. We will come closer to the details, it’s all down below. You will be able to get rid of toxic civilization at least for a few days or weeks, maybe months and totally restore yourself in this wild and calm land.

Those who love silence, calmness and the beauty of the nature, filled with the incense of herbs, flowers and sounds of singing birds, will find this place lovable. As well as those, who like to climb mountains, watching stunning landscapes and endless sky at night near the fireplace, sleeping in healthy natural surroundings.

Among the unsurpassed nature of the mountains, meadows and spruce forests, you can spot various representatives of the flora and fauna of the Carpathian region, most of which are listed in the Red Book. There are reserves, sanctuaries, national parks in which these rare plants and animals are kept among the virgin wildlife of the Dragobrat tract. There are also many cultural and historical monuments in these regions, a kind ofauthentic history and traditions

Let’s look closer at the leisure activities in the Dragobrat resort at Summer time:


You can appreciate the meaning of walking tourism only in summer. Light day is greatly increased and warm summers nights are short and comfortable. All that contributes to very healthy and pleasant outdoor sleep. The air here is really healing. And Carpathian landscapes will impress you, be sure of that.

In the high-mountainous Dragobrat resort you will see amazing Carpathian landscapes and views of the mountain peaks, slopes and valleys. You can refresh here in the cool rivers and lakes, which are famous for their crystal transparency. There are also unsurpassed Carpathian waterfalls that will captivate you with their beauty.

Bicycle tourism

In summer, Dragobrat is the best place for bike tourists in the mountains. In this period of time these journeys are extremely joyful. You may not only enjoy the summer landscape, but also significantly improve your physical fitness and health. The excitement of summer nature and the unique beauty of the Carpathian Mountains will accompany you with cycling adventures with mountain slopes.

Riding horses

Summer is a perfect time for those who like riding horses. Horses are loyal and noble. They guide you everywhere and communication with them is useful for the nervous system of a human. These clever animals will not let you down in the most inaccessible, impenetrable places. A romantic horseback ride is a special delight which will definitely make your relations (as a couple) stronger.


Dragobrat resort is the highest mountain resort in Ukraine, which is located in the Svydovets mountain range from 1400 up to 1700 meters high above the sea. The highest peaks are: Hoverla (2061 м), Petros(2020 м), Zhandarmy (1763 м), Blyzyntsi (1885 м), Stig (1704 м). The nearest settlement is 18 km to reach. It is named Yasinia.

Climbers have plenty of space to conquer the mountain peaks with slopes and ridges, check their professional skills, physical abilities and get the unsurpassed impressions and a huge amount of adrenaline.

Green (rural) tourism

Green tourism in Dragobrat resort is very perspective and attractive kind of a holiday destination for tourists in the mountains during the summer season. A special atmosphere of the Carpathian identity and colorfulness of Ukrainian traditions creates all the conditions for their interest, both for tourists of Ukraine and for tourists from other countries of the world who come here to relax and to discover our country and culture. It allows the inhabitants of cities to touch the original uniqueness of the Carpathian village and its inhabitants, to get acquainted with their folk crafts and traditions. The village life will captivate you with your measure of harmony. You will also try exotic traditional Hutsul dishes – indigenous people of this land.

Fishing and swimming

What can be better than a relaxed time at the river or a lake? The Carpathian rivers and lakes are full of various freshwater fish, most of which are common throughout Ukraine: carp, crucian carp, pike, bream and others. Carpathian trout, European grayling and minogaga can be also found there. There’s plenty of fish. The fish richness of the Carpathian reservoirs attracts tourists who like fishing on a fishing line or spinning. Fishing at the mountain rivers and lakes will bring you a lot of pleasure and impressions. You can process the caught fish at the open fire, spend a romantic night under the open sky and meet the unique dawn in the mountains. The turbulent mountain rivers and waterfalls, cool natural lakes and healing springs attract tourists with their crystalline transparency and purity, coolness and pleasant water noise. Bathing in such reservoirs brings a special cheerfulness, and the healing water of mountain springs will add you lots of vital power.

Boating, rafting and canoeing

This extreme kind of sport is vastly developed in a mountain area. The unpredictability of mountain rivers with sharp turns, rapids and steep waterfalls will add a significant portion of adrenaline to extreme enthusiasts. You can check your swimming skills in a boat or go down the inflatable raft (rafting) along the Carpathian rivers and lakes. You will have many experiences with such a risky voyage. Conquering the turbulence of the Carpathian waters is possible by only an experienced and very courageous tourists.


Want to experience an unforgettable flight? Paraplenerism is an unforgettable flight over the summits of the mountains with spruce forests, above glowing mountain lakes on a parachute or aeroshute (paraglider), on an airplane or hang glider, on a helicopter or in a light-jet airplane (gliders). You’ll be overwhelmed by super positive emotions and impressions!

Quadricycle riding

There is a very passable mountain type transport with massive wheels and relief tires. You can use it to get to different wild places (the way you use a snowbike for the same purpose in winter).

Collecting berries and mushrooms

Autumn in the Carpathians is a special time. Also, during this wonderful time, fruits and berries grow juicy; they are performed in a rich variety of fruit trees on the plots of local residents and in the wild areas of this land. Picking autumn berries and incredible Carpathian mushrooms will bring you special pleasure; it will add strength and health. If you have a camera with you, all these beautiful moments and trophies will be captured on your amazing photos.

Real impressions and emotions, overcoming all the dangers of hiking in the mountains and your own fear, is possible when you stay alone with pristine wildlife. All this will give you unforgettable memories, help you to overcome the stresses of civilized life in the future, give you inspiration and health for the whole year, and after that you will definitely want to come here again. It will appeal to both children and adults, but you can safely choose this resort for family vacation in the family. Young people and teenagers are more pleased with extreme entertainments, and older people are calm and quiet of mountain forests and lakes filled with natural sounds: wind rustling, chirping birds, splash of a stormy river or waterfall and the pleasant calm of a mountain lake with its pleasant coolness.

In the summer season, in the high-mountainous resort “Dragobrat” you can choose the rest individually to the interests and preferences of each person separately. Whether quiet observation of mountain scenery, active types of rest, or treatment – everyone can choose the one that he likes. From the above it is clear that here in the summer is something to please yourself and your loved ones, there is nothing to do. Affordable prices, pleasant not too hot sunshine and various types of rest, will help you in choosing this picturesque resort and next season, especially in the summer, because in the summer it is especially pleasant to relax.