Winter vacation in Carpathian Mountains in the Dragobrat resort

Oh, these picturesque Ukrainian Carpathians! How much charming beauty do they have, how enticing and fabulous those mountains are. They attract everyone with their wonderful unique landscapes every season.

But the most likable season for visiting Carpathian resorts is winter. There isn’t any bigger rate of visiting and pilgrimage among tourists as it is in winter at mountain resorts. Why is it so? It’s because only in winter different sport events take place there. In winter you can spend wonderful time with your family here, improve your health and mood, and become stronger, more energetic and persistent!

Here, like nowhere in Ukraine, authentic traditions of celebrating Christmas and New Year are being kept, that’s why this place is the most suitable for these holidays. You can share this experience together with your friends and relatives!

«Dragobrat» is located at the edge spruce and pine forests and alpine meadows, Transcarpathian lakes and a seven-meter waterfall, which freezes almost completely in severe frosts forming a unique spectacle for photographic landscapes. Vacation in this resort is the best one possible for winter extreme entertainments such as snowboarding, mountain skiing, and others. There are five routes for general skiing and four for skilled skiers or snowboarders, and there are jumpers for freestyle to perform various skis tricks. The tracks are prepared by snow blasting equipment. And now let’s get acquainted with the main winter sports and entertainments that are presented at the ski resort Dragobrat:

Mountain skiing and snowboarding

These classical kinds of winter sports are practiced here from the tops of very extreme hills. The average of heights is approximately 500m, maximum height is about 1800m, all that allows you go get as much adrenaline as possible. Extreme enthusiasts climb to the top of the mountains using special lifts, after that they can descend by themselves on the routes of the highest level of difficulty. Of course you need to be well trained for that, that’s why there are modern ski schools and training centers for beginners with professional skilled instructors at this resort. Classes there are individual, but you can train in groups as well. And if you arrived here without a ski gear, do not worry because here you can rent it in the widest assortment.


Freeride is a ride on the unspoilt pristine snow on snowboarding or downhill skiing, outside ski slopes, it reveals the full potential of snowboarding and mountain skiing. In the high-mountainous resort Dragobrat there are many marginal slopes for fans of this exotic and full of adventure sports, and only the most daring and experienced riders can go down on them. There are huge opportunities for ranging!

Snowmobile Riding

Driving a snowmobile may be allowed not only to experiences drivers, but you can also ride it on your own regardless to your level or how skilled you are, an experienced instructor will help you in any case. There are few profound lessons with qualified instructing which make you able to rule the vehicle by yourself. Powerful snowmobiles “Yamaha”, “Bombardier”, “Arctic Cat” are available and reliable, they are fast and extreme. Snowmobile trips on the snowy peaks of the Carpathians in the Dragobrat resort is a sense of extreme and unsurpassed emotions, active holidays in the mountains, cool photos and a video stories of snowmobile trips. In this type of transport you can also drive in places where it is impossible to get in winter by skiing or on foot.


Trekking is considered to be a touristic walk on foot. Winter trekking in Carpathians is especially attractive. It gives you the incomparable impression of the Dragobrat resort combined with unforgettable and admirable trees and mountains covered with snow. Fresh winter air in the mountains together with the healing incense of spruce needles, improves health, raises the mood, and heals the whole body. And one more special cheerful thing of such a walk in the winter is that you will not get it any other season. Trekking is an active kind of leisure which helps you to eliminate the urban bustle in your mind. And in the high-mountainous resort “Dragobrat” there is also an opportunity to test and improve your physical abilities and receive a sufficient amount of adrenaline, traveling on high and steep Carpathian cliffs.

Banya, sauna, chan

After active and healthy leiruse, afret skiing, snowboarding and riding the snowmobile, after interesting but tiring trekking you will definitely need to clean your body thoroughly. Banya, sauna and chan (metal bath with hot water, placed outdoors) are irreplaceable in this case. They make cleansing pleasant and useful. And what could be better in the winter, than smooth steaming in a bania or a Finnish sauna with different temperature regimes, or climb into a special Carpathian Chan. It has a diameter of 2 m from cast iron, in a stone platform, under which the fire is kept. The water temperature is maintained at 40-42 degrees (noone has been boilt yet). The bottom is built with stones from the mountain rivers. At the Dragobrat resort you can combine holictic procedures and heal yourself, because after these procedures you will not only just have a clean body, but you will remove all tiredness from your physical activity. Doctors recommend to visit saunas to prevent and cure many deceases. So you’ll go out of it clean, healthy and peaceful. Afterall, You will be ready again for new walks in the Carpathian region of Dragobrat resort.

Fabulous snow-capped landscapes of highland Carpathians, extreme winter sports and ways of entertainment combined with an excellent service create great conditions for relaxation and a wonderful atmosphere of Ukrainian hospitality. All this attracts not only tourists from our country, but also foreign tourists from different parts of Europe and the rest of the world, because the fame of this magnificent high-mountain resort and all its features has already passed far beyond Ukraine.