Spring vacation in Carpathian Mountains in the Dragobrat resort

If you didn’t manage to come here during winter holidays but still you want to do activities which belong to mountains and snow, there’s nothing to worry about. Nothing is lost. The snow at the Dragobrat is usually kept till the middle of May. It means that you still have all opportunities to fulfill your expectations. The snow is always natural here because of the specific shape of the Svydovets range. It protects this land from sudden weather changes and the spring comes here smoothly and gradually, allowing winter sports fans to finish their season actively.

The leisure time here is not limited by winter activities. Summer sports are also available at this resort in the spring, which, by the way, is beautiful and bright in these areas. Let’s take a brief look at the main types of spring activities in Dragobrat!

Skiing and snowboarding

During the first two months of spring Dragobrat is still remains frozen and cold, covered with the snow. This means that winter entertainments are still relevant. Extreme descents from the slopes of these peaks will bring you a sufficient amount of adrenaline. And when the spring comes to the Carpathians, saffron is already blooming in the valleys, and on top of the notable mountain ranges, skiers and snowboarders are able to go down. Indescribable feelings!

Freeride and snowmobiles

All freeride lovers have something to admire during the first half of spring. Wild and solid cliffs are waiting for true professionals. In the development of steep slopes, all-terrain snowmobiles will be used to bring you inaccessible to other modes of transport. The aesthetic value will be added by the spring contrasts of this region. You can move from the winter fairy tale in the spring in a few minutes descending from the snowy peaks in the flowering valleys only being dressed in your shorts.


In sring time at Dragobrat resort you can combine winter hikes in the first half of spring with those in summer just in May, enjoying the beauty and features of both seasons. Spring here gives you an unparalleled impression of the contrasts of the snow-capped mountains and the spring flower valleys. Fresh winter air in the mountains, in the pleasant smell of the pines, mixes here with the aroma of the spring.

Bicycle tourism

In this period of time these journeys are extremely joyful. You may not only enjoy the summer landscape, but also significantly improve your physical fitness and health. The excitement of summer nature and the unique beauty of the Carpathian Mountains will accompany you with cycling adventures with mountain slopes.

Horse riding sport

Horseback riding in the mountains is one of the most popular types of recreation in the mountains. Why is it so? Because of communicating with these very intelligent animals, unity with nature, healing mountain air and the unique beauty of wild Carpathian places, all that will give you a sense of freedom, satisfaction and will improve your spirit and body. To these difficult places you can get horseback riding “Hutsulyk” breed, which was specially brought out for traveling in the Carpathians. You can learn to ride a horse in the mountains even if you are a beginner, because here you can find horse riding instructors. You will feel confident and safe with them.

Green (rural) tourism

Green or rural tourism is the one that gains popularity very fast. You can start discovering Carpathian culture and get to know more about the life of locals (they are called Hutsuls) and their lifestyle even this spring. Exploring local Ukrainian traditions will be interesting and useful not only for Ukrainians but also for foreign tourists who want to improve their knowledge of Ukraine and touch on the color and originality of the Carpathian village, to taste traditional local dishes.


Fishing this year has its own advantages. After winter calmness, local fishes are very hungry (literally starving), which is why the intensity of such fishing is always higher than in summer, especially the catch of spinning of predatory fish, which are found here in large numbers.

The magnificent Carpathian mountains with slender trees on the slopes and charming alpine meadows, unique waterfalls and lush mountain rivers with stone barriers, as well as cool beautiful Carpathian lakes, will truly charm everyone during the summer season in Dragobrat. You can start it in spring just in May. How much is it worth to feel and see a flowering spring in the Carpathians?! In a company of friends or in a family circle, young people or older ones, everyone is able to find a suitable activity in these unsurpassed places of the Carpathian region. There are also sights of history and culture, which you can visit and the wild deaf places, which are characterized by its pristine beauty. You will feel in the heart of the Carpathians arriving at the Drahobrat resort. Everything here is made in a “spirit of highlanders”. Its remoteness from civilization is the most important reason to go here to those who are tired of urban bustle. The cost for all services in Dragobrat falls significantly at the end of the ski season, so arriving here in the spring you will spend significantly less money than in the winter and will have time to catch the winter entertainment on the mountain peaks.