HOW to get to the Dragobrat resort? Transfer

HOW to get to the Dragobrat resort? Transfer
HOW to get to the Dragobrat resort? Transfer

If you’ve decided to have a rest in the popular Dragobrat resort in Ukraine, you need to consider that there’s no direct transportations between the resort and nearest airports or railways. The closest ones are in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi. The best and the shortest way to Dragobrat is in the town of Yasinia (Zakarpattia Oblast), which lays at the foot of this high-mountain resort. The best way to get to Yasinia is taking a train from any big city of Ukraine or driving in the direction of Ivano-Frankivsk or Chernivtsi and from there you can get to the village by bus. You can be also taken directly by train to the city of Rakhiv, which passes the station Yasinya. You may also get there by bus, shuttle bus or a car.

Transfer to Dragobrat:

Transfer to Dragobrat
Transfer to Dragobrat

You can get to Dragobrat from Yasinia only by all-wheel drive, which should be booked in advance from locals. Their parking is located near the “Edelweis” resort and on the outskirts of the village, turning to Dragobrat. At the parking lot near the hotel, you can leave your own cars at a reasonable price, where they will be guarded. Video surveillance is underway here. From here you can climb to the Dragobrat valley (12 km) to the resort’s hotels and mountain ski lifts. Similarly, taxis deliver tourists in the direction opposite to Yasinya.

Transport and its approximate price (for transferring to Dragobrat):

GАZ– 66(18 seats+luggage) — 1800 uah/car;

UАZ-«tablet» (8 seats+luggage) — 800 uah/car.

VAZ 2121 or Niva and UАZ-«Bobik» (4 seats+luggage) — 500 uah./car.

The prices for a shuttle to Dragobrat depend on mileage, number of passengers and luggage. Find out the exact price and book the car can be an administrator. Estimated cost of lifting for 1 person – 100 UAH.

Advantages of the Dragobrat resort

  1. Convenience and financial economy.
  2. The road to Dragobrat is too complicated with dangerous ups and downs, with very poor visibility. That is why the best option to overcome the entire danger of the Carpathian roads will be to choose a passing car with a driver who knows the route well.The road is not easy but your efforts worth it. Security in the mountains is the most important thing. Leave your car at the security post and get on a car to Dragobrat. In order to overcome the complex roads by your own car (4×4), it is necessary to be pro on steep slopes and have a clearance of 20 cm.

Route from Kyiv:

Kyiv – Zhytomyr – Rivne – Dubno – Kremenets – Ternopil – Friendship – Buchach – Monastirka – Tysmenytsia – Frankivsk – Nadvirna – Delyatyn – Yaremcha – Yablunytsya – Yasinia

Transfer organization contacts:  098-498-30-30