Fall vacation in Carpathian Mountains in the Dragobrat resort

A golden autumn starts shining in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The sun is no longer burning, but the winter snow hasn’t appeared yet. This is the most gracious time of the year in the Dragobrat resort for true connoisseurs. To taste the gained Carpathian fruits – this is the real pleasure of the holiday in autumn. How nice it is to get from the monotonous gray “stone jungle” of the city, into this charming fairyland with its unique special autumn beauty!

You will find yourself in a colorful range of all possible and visible natural paints and sophisticated perfection of the space, emphasized with all rainbow colors in a perfect harmony, which makes you unable to take your eyes off this Carpathian beauty. Here you will find a special feeling of freedom because of this vast expanse of mountain terrain. The quantity of tourists decreases here by autumn, after their summer vacations they return back home. That’s why this gentle sun and pleasant wind, together with the surrounding beauty in all its colours is made up for you. There’s no hectic rythm, which can be observed here in winter or in summer, but there is some kind of special calm before the winter season in the highest mountain ski resort Dragobrat. In the middle season in autumn all services are available with lower prices, that’s why you will considerably save financial expenses, arriving to this resort just in the autumn. You can also combine summer and winter recreation. The winter on the peaks of the Svydovetsky Range begins in November, and it will be possible immediately to experience the winter amusement. The snow here is always natural, even in November, along with the first colds and cheerfulness. There will be time for winter entertainments, which at the beginning of the season are attracting their relatively low prices. This time is especially fascinating for fans of freeriding.

Let’s get deeper into the detail of the main autumnal leisure activities at the mountain resort of Dragobrat and we also are going to look through some winter activities, which you can try out at the peaks even in November. These are:


Walking through the most desert and natural, innocent and picturesque places – what can be better than that? Fresh air in the middle of healing aroma of Carpathian pine trees will bring you good mood and increase your health. Crimson and golden forests are calling to explore this wonderful land. You will get unsurpassed impressions when traveling through the unique autumn nature of the Carpathians, which enchants its beautiful views.


The experts choose one of the numerous routes for the excursion for a fall time. They will help you to explore this fabulous land better, to see its historical monuments and cultural artifacts.


Mountain bike is a very popular vehicle in Carpathians. Cycling through your own routs you will get unforgettable impressions from the brightness of the Carpathian nature and fabulous beauty of the mountains. Cycling is very useful for health and improving physical fitness and endurance.

Horseback riding

A romantic journey for two people in autumn by horses through golden and crimson Carpathian cliffs, oh, what in the world could put a bigger impact to the relationship growth? You can travel on horseback here with the whole family or with your friends. And if you are a beginner in this business, do not worry, you will quickly learn to do such trips over Dragobrat as they are always accompanied by educated teachers.


Dragobrat has a climbing school with experiences teachers. So, anyone who wishes can learn this, if they have a strong desire and passion for such ascents. Just imagine how much adrenaline and unbeatable impressions will give you the conquest of the mountain peaks. Climbing in autumn is special because only in autums you are able to see the landscapes of the golden autumn of the Carpathian Mountains from the tops.


Local species gain much weight by autumn. That is why the fisherman at this time will be pleased with captured catches. This special fishing on the mountain rivers and lakes will bring you a lot of pleasure and impressions, especially during the autumn, when the fish starts searching for food because of severe hunger.


Paragliding is a wonderful flight above the hills, covered with forests, in full spectre and brightness of colors, above the shining of the Carpathian lakes, which reflest the sunshine. It will impress you in an indescribable way. This trip can be carried out on a light-engined airplane (glider), on a helicopter or on an airplane, or hang gliders, and even descended from a plane on a parachute.

Ropetrack journey

The chair lift on the cable car allows you to admire the peaks of the mountains, with colorful autumn landscapes, to breathe crystal fresh high-mountainous air. What could be better for those who can not independently conquer mountain peaks or do paragliding?As if the whole beauty of the mountains lays upon your hand!

Picking berries and mushrooms

Autumn in the Carpathians is a special season, and also because during this golden age various kinds of fruits, both in the cities of local residents and in the wildlife of this region, reach and gain in their trophy sizes. Try the autumn berries and pick up the incredible beauty of the Carpathian mushrooms by going to the so-called “quiet hunting” (doing no harm to animals), it will bring you special pleasure, add you strength and bring you health. If you have a camera with you, all these beautiful moments and trophies will be on your amazing photos.


Winter season for skiing and snowboarding has not started yet, but riding on the first snow on snowboarding or downhill skiing, outside the ski slopes, in the wildest places Dragobrat enjoys its peculiarity. You can start this sport already in the fall, particularly in November.

Bania, sauna and chan

The color of the autumn leaves is quite similar to the color of the flame in the fireplace. The fog in the mountains looks like vape in the sauna. All that is pointing us at how well it is in the fall after active holidays in the mountains to steam in a bania or a Finnish sauna, with different temperature regimes, or to get into a special Carpathian Bath called chan.

Fall vacation in Carpathian Mountains in the Dragobrat resort is a great option, it’s full of advantages and has much charming beaty and romantic dreams, adventures and entertainment. It is a wonderful time and a wonderful place to spend with its half a wonderful time together, among virgin Carpathian nature. The autumn forest in the Carpathians is one of the most romantic places on Earth. It will surprise you with its amazing beauty. Autumn comes here very early and quickly passes giving the way to the winter. The blooming colors of the Carpathian Autumn will undoubtedly impress you! Those who do not like the heat and cold weather will appreciate all the benefits of a comfortable autumn vacation in the magnificent Dragobrat resort.